The owner


The owner

The owner welcomes you !

Monsieur Marc Verschoote

Marc Verschoote, your host and owner, welcomes you to his guest house in Haut Moncel. His main interests are history, art and culture. Her library is full of books, often rare or out of print, dealing with the history of France, Normandy, its customs and its rich cultural heritage.

The superb books in the libraries of certain rooms (notably the suite) will be at your disposal during your stay. The owner will be happy to show you and lend you books from his personal library if he feels that you are genuinely interested in them and want to treat them well.

The owner’s assistant will serve you a hearty and delicious breakfast. A house and garden maintained with ecological products will be at your disposal.

The members of the team at your service will make sure that you can enjoy a relaxing and enriching stay in the exceptional Bay of Mont Saint Michel. They will therefore prefer to pay more attention to your well-being than to multiply the number of their guests.

Reservations made well in advance, preceded by personal contact by email or telephone, will enable us to help you organise your stay as well as possible.