A variety of breakfast

Sizable breakfasts are served up in our cosy lounge room on the ground floor.  They are mostly organic.

Our  baker makes delicious croissants, chocolate rolls and French baguette bread daily (but has not gone organic yet).

The “Classic” breakfast can be enlarged to a gourmet “Brunch Royal” upon request.

“Gluten-free Classic” or “Gluten-free Brunch Royal” are available upon request.

For health reasons, we choose not to use micro wave heating.

Breakfast are served from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m., earlier on special request.  To serve “Brunch Royal” or “Gluten- Free” we need to know your choices in beforehand (at the latest in the morning for next day’s breakfast, on Saturday morning for Sunday’s and Monday’s breakfast).

In the afternoon, or before going to sleep, feel free to fix yourself a cup of tea, herbal tea or coffee and have it along with some biscuits in one of our comfortable arm chairs.

We can order sandwiches on natural yeast baguette  for you at our local baker, please let us know the morning before.


The Menu:


The “Classic”

-Fresh orange juice from organic oranges

-Fresh organic fruit salad

-Hot beverages, all organic and unlimited, made with low mineral content bottled water:

  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Home made hot chocolate milk (hand whisked, made with unrefined cane sugar and, on request, raw micro filtered cow’s milk)
  • Hot or cold milk

-All organic spreads and sweeteners:

  • sugar cubes
  • unrefined powdered cane sugar
  • honey
  • butter
  • marmalades and preserves, some of them made locally by our strawberry farmer
  • chocolate nut spread

-“Classic Typical”: a crisp and melting flaky croissant and chocolate roll, French natural yeast bread (half a baguette) warm from the oven of our village bakery (not organic)


-“Classic All Organic”:  toasted slices of organic whole wheat sesame bread and brioche, unlimited


 The “Brunch Royal”

The “Classic Typical” becomes a “Brunch Royal” for five euro extra per person.  Add  your choices from the list below (please order at the latest during the morning of the day before):

  • cereal (granola type)
  • yoghurt
  • cheese (type: local cooked cheese from raw milk)
  • eggs cooked to your choice
  • bacon
  • toasted slices of organic sesame bread and brioche
  • raw thick dairy cream from Normandy (delicious on toasted brioche)


The “Gluten-free”

The  “Gluten-free” is either a “Classic Breakfast” or a “Brunch Royal” with gluten-free bread (not organic) or a portion of raw almonds and cashew nuts and wholesome organic buckwheat crackers instead of gluten containing bread and pastries. Please order a “Gluten-free” at the latest during the morning of the day before (on Saturdays for Monday).