Le Haut Moncel-Maison d'hôtes-Baie du Mont Saint Michel

The suite

Our spacious and refined Suite can accommodate three adults in its main chamber and an adult in the anteroom.

The Yellow Anteroom of the Suite

We searched a while to find a suitable shade and decoration for this room. Its window, with a view on the back of the park and its tall trees, does not offer as much light as the big chamber. Yet we wanted to create a cheerful, happy mood in this space. Mr Verschoote found the yellow toile de Jouy and your hostess came up with the “Princess” canopy.

The bed is a 4 ft 6 double bed (130cm x 185cm), featuring an utterly comfortable all natural latex mattress. It is not really suitable for a tall person but could be fine for two small persons.

A large built in library with cupboard and small drawing table, an “Haute Epoque” table and a chair complete the furniture.

This is a perfect space to read, draw, write or play games of “Princes and Princesses” (we have a store of toys, feel free to ask us).

Double layered Jouy toile curtains and bed furnishings protect from the daylight and offer good propped up reading comfort.

Flooring is of sisal with a small silk and wool oriental carpet and temperatures in this room are comfortable all year round as they are elsewhere in the house.

The Master Chamber of the Suite

Two tall «small-grid muntin» windows look out on the front lawn of the park and distill a serene, softly luminous atmosphere to this refined, soothing space.

A 6 ft super king size bed (180cm x 200cm) with the extra comfortable all natural latex mattresses can be separated in two beds. The sofa (80cm x 190 cm) can serve as a bed and also features the all natural latex mattress.

Sizeable percale cotton sheets and pure wool and linen blankets offer great sleeping comfort and thermoregulation.

The Master Chamber of the Suite, just like the entire house, enjoys comfortable temperatures all year round.

Lined “Chippendale” print curtains and bed furnishings shut the daylight out efficiently and offer good reading comfort.

The chimney with its pier glass, low wood panelling, a large “Restoration” period oak wood drawer, and a beautiful large hand made French carpet on oiled oak floors further contribute to create a luxurious yet endearing ambiance.

A nicely matching writing table, a low chess board table and two cute bedside closets finish off the room’s decoration.

A small landing between the Suite and its large bathroom contains an interesting library.

The Suite’s Bath Room

The small landing leads on one side to an independent water closet with ceramic sink, mirror and suspended toilets and on the other side to the large bathroom.

This bathroom has a window looking out on the back of the house and the park.

A large bath tub with a glass screen for showering, a large ceramic double sink with its four big drawers and mirror offer spacious comfort, completed by a built-in hanging closet.

Fittings, tiling and sanitary ware are of high quality and contemporary design.

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