Le Haut Moncel-Maison d'hôtes-Baie du Mont Saint Michel

Museums, Châteaux, Abbeys

The grand abbey church of the Mont Saint Michel and its enchanting Roman Catholic offices for the day http://www.abbaye-montsaintmichel.com/

The « Ecomusée de la Baie » of Saint Léonard shows all about the ancient Salt makers, the various workers of the sea of old, birds and flowers in the Bay.


The museum of Avranches

http://www.musees-basse-normandie.fr/musees-normandie-musees/musees-musees-normandie-actualites.php?idm=42 , Avranche’s botanical garden and its old Palais de Justice are of interest.

The very recommendable Scriptorial museum of Avranches hosts a permanent display of medieval manuscripts of the Mont Saint Michel. It tells also about their making and storage techniques, http://www.scriptorial.fr/

The Abbey of La Lucerne d’Outremer can be visited with or without a guide (make reservations) and holds traditional Roman Catholic Mass on Sunday (except in winter). It is surrounded by a beautiful forest.


We will be pleased to advise you about the lovely small country churches that can be visited in this area.

The Château de Fougères http://www.chateau-fougeres.com/ (02 99 99 79 59)

The Château de Vitré (02 99 74 58 59)

The Château de Combourg (02 99 73 22 95) www.chateaucombourg.com/

The Château de Pirou http://www.chateau-pirou.org/ (02 33 46 34 71)

The Abbey of Lessay and its concerts


Bricquebec (Hostellerie : 02 33 52 24 49)


Port Racine, the smallest sea port of France


Archeological excursions with the « Société d’Archéologie d’Avranches, Mortain et Granville » (in French, to be arranged with your host, no excursions during the summer months)

in Villedieu les Poeles (45 minute lovely drive on the Route de la Liberation, visit an ancient church bell foundry http://www.manchetourisme.com/fr/syndication/visites-techniques-gastronomie-et-terroir/detail/PCUNOR050FS0014N/VILLEDIEU-LES-POELES/

In Bayeux go and admire the world famous gigantic tapestries and the beautiful cathedral


In Valognes some fine 17 & 18th century private hotels and mansions can be admired


The famous national « Haras du Pin» the horse’s Versailles…