Le Haut Moncel-Maison d'hôtes-Baie du Mont Saint Michel

On the shore of Normandy’s fabulous Mont Saint Michel Bay, at the foot of Avranches, the quaint medieval little harbour town of Genêts has been throughout the ages the traditional departure point of pilgrimages towards the stunning abbey and fortified insular town of the Mont Saint Michel.

Today, at low tide only, the mystical Mount can still be reached from Genêts, afoot or on horseback, thus avoiding the touristy motorised humdrum of the main road.

It is in this quiet, lovely village that Mr Verschoote decided to settle down and renovate his 18th century mansion.

The beautifully proportioned granite stone building is surrounded by a large walled-in garden, hidden from the village. On the lawns, under the high frondescence canopy, singing birds and rustling leaves invite our guests to lounge.

Time seems to go by differently here. Perhaps something of France’s 18th century “art de vivre” and spirit have been recaptured…

A three minute stroll out of the front gate and down the picturesque little street allows for breathtaking views of the Mount and its sister island “Tombelaine”, floating as it were on the luminous expanse of the Bay.

Genêts is surrounded by a mosaic of lush hedge-enclosed meadows. Dairy farms with apple orchards raise beautiful cattle and thoroughbred foals frolic in paddocks viewing Mont Saint Michel.

Genêts and its surroundings were a setting of the 2014 World Equestrian Games Endurance Competition and the area features very fine training facilities for obstacle racing.