Le Haut Moncel-Maison d'hôtes-Baie du Mont Saint Michel


Staying true to the original spirit of a period renovation the most demanding and contemporary options in terms of comfort have nonetheless been carefully selected.

All the rooms and truly the entire building enjoy optimal temperatures all year round thanks to a first rate ground-source geo thermal heath pump installation which allows individual regulation in each room.

Bath room tiling, fittings and sanitary ware are of high quality and recent design.

Pure natural latex mattresses (except for the conventional type of our Green Room) manufactured by a small French factory offer state of the art sleeping comfort which is further enhanced by sizeable percale cotton sheets, pure wool and linen blankets.

We are not keen on WIFI or other wireless technologies which can cause discomfort to sensitive people, if needed WIFI can be provided.

Curtains, custom bed spreads and cushioning are of cotton or linen toile. The curtains are double layered and conceived to shut out the day light quite efficiently.

Hand made, natural fibre bed furnishings have been thought to provide superior reading comfort.

Carpets are of wool or silk, flooring of sisal or oiled oak.

Families with children are more than welcome in our Guest House. Hopefully parents are willing to make their children understand and respect the rarity and fragility of some of the furniture, decoration, books and small objects…